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Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage

Bhrugu Aranya Healing Center

"This place is magical. The energies here are quite powerful and the place heals you. Bhrugu Aranya is an ancient place of fire which has been rediscovered in this time. We feel we are guardians of this sacred site. Often Devas and Angels have appeared here."

This ancient sacred site lies in the majestic Tatra Mountain region of southern Poland. The atmosphere at Bhrugu Aranya is infused with high vibrations from Ayurvedic healing fires that are maintained daily. It is this energy that radiates to heal the Earth.

At this site, an organic Homa farm and community began in 1995. Bhrugu Aranya has since continued to evolve into a blossoming International Ecovillage, the only intentional organic farm community in Poland. At present, 14 adults and 4 children reside here. Residents range in age from 3 to 64 and are an eclectic group of artists, healers, writers, filmmakers, musicians, therapists, farmers, teachers and herbalists. Workshops are offered in Ayurvedic Homa organic farming, Herbs for Healing, Mandala Art Therapy, Sound Healing, and many more.

Jarek Bizberg started our non-profit ecological/educational Homa Therapy Foundation to teach Vedic methods of organic farming, alternative medicine and atmospheric purification. We offer teaching of this ancient science of Agnihotra all over Europe free of charge.

The community members offer a myriad of skills in herbal lore, massage, healing, organic gardening, vegetarian cooking, music, and art therapy. We hold women's Circles of Light, as well as healing circles. We are a creative group who value healing and the arts as an integral part of organic living.

We invite visitors to experience transformation in a peaceful yet energetic, creative, healing environment.

Temple at Bhrugu Aranya

What We Offer?

Instruction in the performance of Agnihotra and additional healing fires
Homa Farming techniques and hands-on experience in our Homa garden
Excellent organic vegetarian food
Hatha Yoga and Arica breathing excerises
Simple meditation techniques
Experiences in self development
Art Therapy - Mandala drawing
Music, drumming and singing
Homa healing herbs
Individual healings upon request

Various healing tools available including:

Agnihotra supplies & literature
Healing Essences, Salt Lamps, Yantrams, Lingams, Moldavite stones & jewelry
Individual and group visits.
Accommodation available including meals

More Photos

View of the Tatra Mountains from Bhrugu Aranya
Buddha Garden at Bhrugu Aranya
Vegetable garden at Bhrugu Aranya

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