January 27, 2015

Yes, yes. As the world enters the year 2015 it will be a year of great floods of awareness, like a mass awakening of sorts.

In regards to the ‘mass awakening,’ this has been long in the developing stage. Actually, many who have parked themselves rather sturdily on the proverbial fence will now be forced by their own natures to take a leap of faith into the realm of consciousness. Indeed, and there will be many. Some famous faces will join the global consciousness movement which will be growing by leaps and bounds in the year 2015.

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December 31, 2014

Let there be no ground in which the abhorrent seeds of prejudice and dishonor find space to root. Let there be justice, but we must anchor our spirits in the deep waters of truth, with courage to remain steadfast and brave enough to continue to embrace humanity with arms of love and not of armor and armory.

This is, as we see it, Light Workers’ greatest challenge—to remain positive when all around are negative, to fortify one’s body, mind and spirit with all that nurtures, cleanses and heals.

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November 28, 2014

Indeed we have proclaimed this the ‘Age of Truth and Manifestation.’ It will be increasingly difficult for the corrupt nations of the world to continue to hide that which is written in the stars. There are ancient languages, which were not written by the hand of man but revealed through Divine. In those languages the truth is coded and is being decoded—not only Sanskrit, though Sanskrit is the most known. There are other languages, few which will be discovered, but they are not necessarily spoken languages and thus as yet relatively unknown.

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August 3, 2014

Yes, yes. Most assuredly this is the year of manifestation. There will be great changes in all avenues. Do not fear. Those who are walking the path of Truth will be undisturbed.

Quantum physics will be hard-pressed to explain multi-dimensional shifts on this planet. Scientists scramble to decode theories proposed in ancient times prior to knowledge of other universes, a parallel universe and the laws which are widely accepted today. Yet, in those ancient times, Truth was uncompromised. Though forerunners of future prophecy may have been dismissed as fools or even blasphemous heretics, these prophecies stand as testaments to a higher knowledge, as events foretold unfold before our eyes.

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